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Autonagar Surya Movie English Subtitles Download Language (Updated 2022)




A prison officer tries to warn Surya about the consequences of his actions. Share this: By the time the year 2003 rolled around, I had stopped watching Hindi and dubbed films. Not because I didn’t like them, I just had no interest in watching them. My interest in watching them was obviously not shared by the audience who witnessed the huge success of films like Rang De Basanti, Tanu Weds Manu and the recently released Dasvidaniya. Somewhere in my early teens, with so many options around, I decided to indulge myself in watching dubbed movies. I watched an absurd amount of those movies and some of them too many times. My memories of those enjoyable hours are still with me. The first dubbed film I watched was Kuruvi starring Sanjay Dutt. The film was produced by T-Series and also directed by Raj Kapoor who was an ace director at the time. I watched the film a couple of times with my friends. The name ‘Kuruvi’ actually refers to a vegetable. The cinema owner in the film is Mr. Kuruvi and the place is called Kuruvi Naik. I loved the film and enjoyed listening to the songs. That’s why I decided to dub all the songs in this film. The idea was to mix the original with the dubbed. It was a good idea in principle, but in reality I could never get the songs right. I used to get stuck in the mike and the audio would keep overlapping. Another film that I was trying to dub was Mahashivratri starring Amitabh Bachchan. As fate would have it, I got into my own films. The channel that had picked up the film had their own team of dubbers who used to dub for other movies. They didn’t dub the songs in this movie but my own music. It was a bit difficult for me because the Hindi music at the time had many similarities with the Telugu music. This combined with my poor command of Telugu made it more difficult for me. I did dub some songs for another film called Love Marriage and got my first film dubbing job. I dubbed some songs in this movie for a song called “Bhuvanam Yuddham” which became a big hit. At this time, the group of dubbers who had dubbed for other movies was discontinued and they were left to do their own




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Autonagar Surya Movie English Subtitles Download Language (Updated 2022)

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